TT Server Maker is a Minecraft server creator application for Windows. The application supports four components of Minecraft: Vannila, Forge, Bukkit, Snapshot, and Spigot.

The application was created by Minecraft Forums user "torokt21". The server supports the following components shown above. The application can run mods from websites and have to be installed properly for extreme server experience. The server has an uptime of zero to a hundred percent, depending on the server owner.


The application will always search for the latest snapshots and versions so the server is running up nicely. The application requires portforwarding and permanent IP settlement, which means that if the server IP does not match with the location of the server owner, then it won't work efficiently.

The application has premium features.

The server owner can edit any existing features in the server, allowing to manipulate the server protection area, the maximum build height, the existence of generated structures and the Nether, Hardcore Mode, and so forth.

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