Survival Games is a popular minigame on the PC and mobile platforms of Minecraft. In the minigame, you have to survive for as long as possible and gather resources from chests. After a certain amount of time, there is either a deathmatch where all the players are teleported to an arena and verse off to the death, or the borders of the map start shrinking, causing any player who goes past the border to be killed, creating a de facto deathmatch.


The concept of Survival Games is a fairly simple one to understand, even if it isn't simple to play. The players spawn in the middle, where chests are located. Other chests are scattered all around the map. After 20-30 seconds, the grace period where you cannot harm players ends, and you are now free to attack other players. Usually better items are located farther away from spawn. About halfway into the game, a chest refill occurs, where all chests are refilled, usually with items better than the first half of the game. After a period of running around, collecting items from chests, and trying not to die, one of two things occur. The first is a deathmatch where all remaining players get teleported to an arena where they fight to the death. The arena is blocked off either by walls or lava. The other is that the borders of the map start shrinking. Any player who goes past the border dies as if they went into the Void. This happens to force the players into a more concentrated space where they will be more likely to find and fight each other.