Skyblock is a minigame that is a cross between Sky Wars and Factions. It is a type of survival game that is challenge oriented.


In Skyblock, you spawn on an island in the sky with limited but enough resources. You must expand your island to become an empire. The first thing that must be done is to build a Cobblestone Generator, as that will give you an unlimited supply of Cobblestone for building. An infinite water source will be necessary to create to get an unlimited supply of Water. Melon and wheat farms are necessary to get an unlimited supply of food. Building an island 24 blocks away from the main island will allow mobs to spawn there, so you can get anything you need like Gunpowder and String from hostile mobs. Without doing all this, you will not advance much in the game.


  • MineHeroes
  • ArcadianMC
  • Dream-MC
  • CascadeMC Network
  • PrimeMC Network
  • DatPixel Network