Murder Mystery is a minigame involving innocents, a detective, and a murderer. There is a timer, and when the timer runs out, and there's still innocents or detectives left, the murderer lose. If the murderer managed to kill everyone before the timer runs out, he/she wins.


These are the majority of the game. They hide away from the Murderer, trying not to get killed. If the detective was killed, innocents have a chance to pick up the bow, and he/she becomes the new detective. Innocents can also get a bow if they collect 10 gold.


Only 1 of these are in the game, unless the detective had been killed, and someone else picked up their bow. They spawn with a bow. This bow can be used to kill the murderer. But if the detective killed an innocent, the innocent and the detective die. If the detective killed the murderer, the detective wins.


Only 1 in the game. Their goals are to kill everyone. After 5 seconds, he/she gets a sword, and needs to use to kill others. If the murderer managed to kill the detective, their bows are dropped. But the murderer cannot pick it up, as only an innocent can. If the murderer can kill everyone before the timer runs out, he/she wins. But if he/she got killed, or there's still people left, he/she loses.