Egg Wars

Money Wars is a popular minigame on Minecraft. Basically, you have to buy things from the villager, protect your egg/bed, destroy other eggs/beds, and kill players to become the last player standing. If your egg/bed is destroyed, you can no longer respawn.

Egg Wars

Egg Wars is the original version of this minigame. The main server you can find this on is Cubecraft. There are two different gamemodes, Normal and Speed. Of them, there are two different sub-gamemodes, Solo and Team. Normal Egg Wars proceeds at an average pace, while Speed Egg Wars proceeds quicker than normal, with most games being done within 20-30 minutes. There are three different item types in Egg Wars. With Hardcore items, the items you can buy from the villager are weak and expensive. With Normal items, the items you can buy from the villager are mediocre. Everything is at a fair price. With OP items, the items you can buy from the villager are good and cheap. There are four different health types, Half health, where you have 10 HP, Normal health, where you have 20 HP as normal, Double health, where you have 40 HP, and Triple health, where you have 60 HP. There are four materials used to buy items, iron, gold, diamonds, and emeralds. You can upgrade the generators to enable you to get more of the item quicker.

Bed Wars

Bed Wars is very similar to Egg Wars, except you defend beds instead of eggs. There are no different item and health types, and the only gamemode is Normal Teams. Instead of iron, gold, diamonds, and emeralds to buy things, you have bricks, iron, and gold spawning in one generator. There are diamonds and emeralds at mid, and no way to get them at your base. Everything is always at the same price.