Factions is a Minecraft survival minigame. It is among the most popular minigames and is played by many Youtubers.

Basic Mechanics

Factions is a complicated game with many different aspects, so it's important to understand how to play it before you start. The basic explanation goes as such. You claim land, get money, build, declare war, fight enemies, and don't die. These are the same on every factions server. While joining a faction is not required, it is recommended as it will be much easier with a team of experienced players helping you rather than going at it alone. Each player has 10 power, and the maximum power is 10 times the number of faction members. You lose power every time you die, and you gain power after a specified amount of time. You cannot have more land claimed than power, or your excess land will be claimable by another faction.


There are three main relationships in Factions. They are Allies, Neutral, and Enemies. Faction members from allied factions cannot damage each other or claim land from one another. Being allied requires both factions to ally with each other. Neutral is the default status. Neutrals can claim your land but cannot attack you on your own land, take your items, or grief. Enemies are not mutual. Declaring a faction an enemy is crucial to raids, as that is the only way you can harm faction members on their own land.


  • UnionMC (PC)
  • Cosmic PvP (PC)
  • PrimeMC (PC)
  • MineHeroes (PC)
  • Minecraft Central (PC)
  • Pigraid (PC and PE)
  • OwnagePE (PE)