Evolution is a minigame on Mineplex. The aim of the game is to make 6 evolutions before anyone else does.


In Evolution, the incentive is to make 6 evolutions before anyone else does. After you kill a player, you can evolve. You evolve by crouching. If someone attacks you while you are evolving, the evolution stops, so it is advised to get to a safe place before evolving. If you get killed before you evolve, you cannot evolve until you kill someone else.


Evolution Name

Statistics Buffs Debuffs Special Ability
Iron Golem Melee: 6

Health: 40

50% Knockback None Ground Pound - Jumps up and slams the ground, dealing large amounts of damage and knockback, but while also taking a small amount of fall damage if you hit the ground.
Blaze Melee: 5

Health: 32

No Fall Damage Takes damage from water Flamethrower - Shoots fire for a few seconds to light players on fire. Cooldown - 4 seconds
Spider Melee: 5

Health: 32



No Fall Damage

None Web Shot - Right click with the Spider Eye to shoot a cobweb which does damage to any player directly hit by it. The cobwebs in your hotbar show how many cobwebs you have to shoot. Regain one every 5 seconds for a maximum of 4.
Creeper Melee: 4

Health: 28

None None Sulphur Bomb - Shoots a piece of coal at an angle. It deals damage in a small area.
Slime Melee: 4

Health: 22

50% Fall Damage None Slime Slam- Leaps in the direction the player is looking. If a player hits someone with this skill, they will deal damage.

Melee: 3

Health: 16

No Fall Damage Weak Health Egg Blaster - Shoot an explosive egg that deals AoE damage of a radius of approximately 3 blocks.

Double Jump