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Death Run is a minigame on the Minecraft PC server The Hive. The objective is to run through traps and complete the level with the best time if you are a Runner. If you are a Death the objective is to kill the Runners. After a player finishes, the game ends in 60 seconds. Water is toxic in this game.


The Runners make up the majority of players. As their name suggests, Runners have to run through the map and finish with the best time. The top three players get on the podium. Their job is made more difficult by various traps scattered throughout the map. Some traps include Parkour with disappearing blocks, TNT, a disappearing floor, Giants, running over water with a guide of Sea Lanterns, which are below Invisible Bedrock, Fire Charges being shot out of a dispenser, and water coming out of a dispenser and blocking the way.


1-3 players every game are made Deaths. Deaths have to activate the traps and prevent the runners from finishing the game. Deaths are ranked by the kills they get. Deaths have Speed and a Compass to allow them to navigate the map quicker.