Capture the Flag is a minigame similar to Money Wars. The Player will be separated into 2 teams. The teams' goal is to capture the other team's flags. Whichever team gets either a certain number of flag captures or has the most flags before time runs out wins.


The team will spawn in the corresponding spawning place. No one can go to other team's spawning place. Here there will be chests. These chests can contain armor pieces, food, weapons, and blocks. There is also the place to put the flags in LBSG. The Player needs to put the flag on the corresponding one. In other servers, there are kits which provide certain abilities.


Rules vary per server about this. On some, you cannot go to your own flag storage area. Only the other team can, and vice versa. Flags will be located in chests. Once you get these, you need to go to your spawn area and place the wool down. On others, flags are located in a location near your spawning area. The spawning areas are impossible to get back into once you have left them. If you run into the flag, you obtain it. You score by running into your own flag area. The first team that gets either a specified amount of flag captures or the most flags captured before time runs out wins.