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• 4/3/2017
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• 4/3/2017


Hello! Herobrine here with some news. Yesterday, I had contacted Fandom about our name change and URL change. Fandom just replied, and they had successfully made the change. Now, our URL will be '''http://mcserversminigames.wikia.com'''. Don't worry though, our old URL, '''http://minecraft-servers.wikia.com''', is being used as a redirect. Our name changed from '''Minecraft Servers Wiki''' to '''Minecraft Servers & Minigames Wiki'''. Thank you for your time to read this, and have a nice day.

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• 4/1/2017


Hello there, this is Head Bureaucrat PvPMaster2001 reporting in with an important announcement. The Minecraft Servers Wiki will become the Minecraft Servers and Minigames Wiki, with the URL changing from minecraft-servers.wikia.com to mcserversminigames.wikia.com. Don't worry though, the old URL will become a redirect to the new one, and it's just the name that's changing to better reflect our community. That's all, PvP out.
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• 3/28/2017

[ANNOUNCEMENT] New Achievement Tracks

This is an announcement to the Wiki, and the first Discussions post. New Achievement Tracks have been created, for our 6 main categories: Servers, Minigames, PC and PE Servers, and PC and PE Minigames. This gives even more badges you can earn. So, what are you still reading this for? Go earn some badges. Now how do I highlight this so everyone sees it?
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